The Only Ingredients You Need


The experts at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care understand your skin. They know both what it needs and doesn’t need for a healthy, radiant appearance.

With over forty-seven years of experience formulating natural skin care products, they have identified over one hundred highly potent plants that guide skin to a balanced, beautiful state.

Hauschka knows exactly which botanicals and combinations of botanicals will best deliver the visible transformation you’re looking to see.

What Your Skin Needs

Every ingredient that goes into a Dr. Hauschka Skin Care product has an important job to do. Whether delivering essential moisture, encouraging resilience, improving efficacy or adding natural fragrance, each ingredient is carefully selected for its particular effects and its interaction with the whole composition.

They only include the ingredients you need for long-lasting skin health and beauty. Also only including fragrance from pure botanical essential oils to stimulate your senses and inspire feelings that uplift, soothe and energize.

The chart below illustrates how we answer your particular skin needs with highly specific botanicals.

Your Skin Condition Your Plant Heroes Skin Benefits
Oily, Blemished Anthyllis, Calendula Cleanse, clarify and balance
Combination Apricot, Sweet Almond Moderate oil and water content
Sensitive Combination Melissa, Carrot Balance and center
Sensitive Rose, Borage Protect, comfort and cool
Dry St. John’s wort, Shea Nuts Soothe, fortify and nourish
Mature Red Clover, Birch Support skin renewal processes
Normal Quince, Apricot Condition and moisturize

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Daily and Weekly Skin Care with Your Plant Heroes

Your Plant Heroes have been combined with other powerful botanicals to create products that will consistently offer you results on a daily and weekly basis.

Your Skin Daily Care Weekly Care
Oily, Blemished Clarifying Day Oil Clarifying Clay Mask
Combination Clarifying Day Oil with Revitalizing Day Cream Revitalizing Mask
Sensitive Combination Melissa Day Cream Revitalizing Mask
Sensitive Rose Day Cream Soothing Mask
Dry Revitalizing Day Cream Hydrating Mask
Mature Regenerating Day Cream Firming Mask
Normal Quince Day Cream Revitalizing Mask

What Your Skin Doesn’t Need

There are several types of ingredients your skin can do without:

  • Filler ingredients that serve no purpose to your skin
  • Harsh abrasives and “quick fixes” that disrupt your skin’s natural processes
  • Synthetic ingredients that may harm your skin
  • All Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are 100% certified natural. There has never been—and never will be—harmful synthetic ingredients in any of our skin care preparations.
  • Learn more about our Natural Certification

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
The Natural Skin Care Experts Since 1967™

Healthy Skin

To keep your skin healthy, you must get into the habit of a daily ritual!

Publicity campaigns and beauty magazines are broadcasting to Western society an ideal vision of women, in which they are characterized by their youth. Amongst cosmetics procedures, which are offered to women in order to help them fight the aging process, Botox occupies an important place. With Botox, which paralyses facial muscles, the skin is stretched, turns solid and looks smoother. However, if wrinkles disappear it’s only temporary because even if the skin appears younger, it continues to develop and to age. In order to well understand Botox’s effects, think about a person whose leg muscles’ are paralysed. He would regularly see a physiotherapist whose massages would help and stimulate the paralysed limbs. For women that have chosen to use Botox, it’s exactly the same principle, so it is important to understand that as this cosmetic procedure paralyses facial muscles, the skin still needs to be stimulated. Indeed, when the effect of Botox come to an end, wrinkles might reappear more prominent. With the prospect of preventing the eventual escalation of the skin aging process, it is necessary to keep a daily skin care ritual, which you might sometimes complete with additional care from a spa.

At home, make sure to clean, tone, and to hydrate your skin daily, with for example some of the products proposed by Dr. Hauschka natural face care assortment. You may apply creams and serums to your skin while massaging your face. Also, ensure that you don’t forget the sensitive spots on your face, such as your eyes and lips. Your daily face care ritual will stimulate and help the skin’s regenerative and auto-corrective abilities.

Additional trips to the spa such as Bradshaw Pure Esthetics, can be helpful. Indeed, we will know how to emphasize your natural beauty with target massages, which will help and stimulate your entire body. You will receive care which will help your face to look smoother and radiant.

With more than 9 years of experience, I have noticed that some customers may not have sufficiently considered the effect of the paralysing process by Botox on their facial muscles. And though their skin has a smooth appearance, it is temporary, and it requires to be completed with daily care to nurture and stimulate your skin. This winter lets not forget to nurture and look after ourselves.





We made the push and are in the new space for October.

Our new home is 1556 Queen Street, less than a minute away from our former home on Birmingham Street! The calm, quiet, and bright new space can be found by entering David Lawrence Salon just up Queen Street from Sweet Pea Boutique and Cha Baa Thai. Our other landmark is James Bradshaw Goldsmith, we are on the top floor.
Our phone number and email are the same, the only thing that has sort of changed is we are now by appointment only. So please call ahead, for pickup and appointments. Its very easy for us to leave any goodies downstairs with the boys, just ring us in the morning if we can’t coordinate a time.

We are excited to introduce you to the new Bradshaw Pure Esthetics.

Big News


Bradshaw Pure Esthetics is moving!

After 7 years of pampering and buffing from its current location at 1539 Birmingham Street, Bradshaw Pure Esthetics is moving. Along for the move is Emily Lutz at Curative Massage.

The shop will move its skin care treatments, massage treatments and holistic spa goodies to 1556 Queen Street (one the corner of Queen and Birmingham) just a few short steps from my current location. We will be on the top floor of the Bradshaw Jewellery Design building, sharring the top space with David Lawrence Salon. Yup that’s right, finally in Dad’s building!

It means more visibility and it’s only two building up from our old location. We will be adding a staircase, but instead of thinking of it as a negative that we will be up one more floor, we see it as a positive, for the health of all our clients hearts! To stay happy and healthy we thought this would be a small sacrifice, especially once everyone sees the amazing view and how gorgeous this new space is! Bradshaw Pure Esthetics will close its current home at the end of September, making the move over the last weekend and re-opening for Oct. 1—the new location will be under renovation the month of September.

In our new location, we will be strictly by appointment only. Most of you have gotten in the habit of calling ahead for product pickup, or grabbing something while in with a treatment, so this won’t be too big of a change. Also, we can set pre-paid purchases downstairs with the Salon, if pre-booking a pickup is tricky.

We will still be conveniently located just steps away from the busy hub of Spring Garden. Bradshaw Pure Esthetics will continue to offer a beautiful, peaceful space for your rest, rejuvenation and healing. Soft music, soothing color palette and beautiful aromas will envelope you with relaxation as soon as you walk in. Our warm and spacious treatment rooms will be a great backdrop for the wonderful treatments we offer.

We invite you to a new blissful Bradshaw Pure Esthetics experience.


Street View of our soon to be new entrence. It’s a little hidden on the side of the building, but you can see our new adress is 1556 Queen Street, right on the corner!




Quick view of the new space! This top floor will be Massage and Esthetics only, when we move in.

Lighten Up & Vitalize for Summer


For many of us, a change of season means changes to our skin. Warmer temperatures, very dry or humid weather and long, sunny days can all have an effect on the skin. And whereas during the harsh, winter months you relied on a heavier moisturizer just as you depended on your heavy coat, in the summer you may want to lighten up your skin care regimen as you shed those extra layers.

Take the time to consider how your skin has been looking and feeling recently:

Is your skin oilier and/or are your pores larger than in the spring?

Does your moisturizer feel as if it’s “sitting” on your skin without being fully absorbed?

Does your complexion look and feel tired and drawn?

If so, you should consider making a change or two to your skin regimen.

Of course, you may simply be looking to update your skin care regimen and give it a summertime boost. That’s great, too. If you have any questions about the recommendations listed below or your skin condition, please don’t hesitate to phone us at 404-4009 or book a facial. We’ll be happy to help you.


For Skin That Has Become Oilier with Larger Pores, Possibly Blemished:

Clarifying Toner – balances excessive oiliness and soothes redness and irritation.

*Anthyllis balances skin for a calm, even appearance

* Daisy and nasturtium minimize the appearance of blackheads and blemishes, visibly refine pores and reduce excessive oiliness

Melissa Day Cream – is specifically formulated for sensitive combination skin.

* Extracts of melissa, daisy, anthyllis, witch hazel and carrot soothe, working to balance the skin’s natural oil and water content

*Tapioca starch provides an even, matte appearance

For Skin that Can Use a Lighter Moisturizer:

Rose Day Cream Light – has all the protective, fortifying qualities of Rose Day Cream in a lightweight formulation.

*Precious rose water, rose wax and extracts of rose, marsh mallow and anthyllis protect, calm and balance the skin

*Marsh mallow root extract with avocado, sesame and sweet almond oils hydrate, carrying essential moisture to skin

Quince Day Cream – is a light daily moisturizer for healthy, toned skin.

*Quince wax forms a light, breathable protective layer to maintain moisture balance Quince seed extract with jojoba, apricot and avocado oils firms the skin


For a Tired, Wan Complexion:

Revitalizing Mask – offers soothing care and deep renewal to all skin conditions in just 20 minutes.

*Quince seed, anthyllis and chamomile extracts rapidly support the skin’s processes of renewal

*Nurturing jojoba, apricot kernel and wheat germ oils clarify and smooth skin

Translucent Bronzing – Tint offers a sun-kissed glow to all skin conditions.

* A soothing combination of olive oil, beeswax and mineral pigments nourish and bring color to the skin

*Anthyllis and witch hazel tone and firm skin

And Don’t Forget Your Eyes!

Daily Hydrating Eye Cream hydrates skin and plumps fine lines and wrinkles, helping to minimize the appearance of overexposure. Light and fast-absorbing, you can apply it under make-up or sunscreen.

For “Summer in a Bottle,” Enjoy Lemon Lemongrass Body & Bath Care

Sun-ripened lemons seem to hold the sunlight of the brightest summer’s day. Our family of Lemon Lemongrass products contains lemon essential oil that captures that light-filled vitality, refreshing and revitalizing your skin and senses for the ultimate refreshing, vitalizing experience.

Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer invigorates and refreshes skin, leaving it feeling tighter and firmer.
Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil firms and fortifies, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Bath Essence firms and fortifies, reducing the appearance of cellulite.
Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Body Wash refreshes, revitalizes and supports the moisture balance of the skin, helping to prevent dryness.


To Nourish Hair Pre-or Post-Sun Exposure, Salt Water or Chlorine:

Neem Hair Oil is an intensive formulation that strengthens dry, brittle and chemically treated hair.

*Neem leaf and chamomile extracts fortify, soften and renew damaged, brittle hair, while soothing and balancing the scalp

*Rosemary essential oil enlivens and supports hair follicles

Neem Hair Lotion is a leave-in treatment that enlivens and conditions the hair and scalp.

*Neem leaf and other plant extracts enliven and balance

*A unique combination of plant extracts soothes and nurtures the scalp

Visiting WALA’s Farm

WALA Heilmittel GmbH produces all products for three brands, WALA medicines, WALA Vita preventive health products and Dr.Hauschka skin care products. It is sold in more than 40 countries and manufactured in Bad Boll/Eckwälden. Rose Day Cream is one of them of course!

So off we went, Matthew and I, on our long drive from our first destination in Germany, Köln to Stuttgart to pick up our friend Sally and onto Bad Boll/ Eckwälden. We got to drive the autobahn and see some amazing landscape on our 4hr drive.

As we arrived all we had with us is a map and an acceptance letter. But even with this map, we didn’t realize how huge WALA really is.


Dear Mrs. Bradshaw,

We are pleased that you have decided to visit our home. 3 places we have authentic reserved for you.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 to be held in Bad Boll / Eckwälden. The meeting point is in the WALA building B2, Boßlerweg 2, on the outskirts of Eckwälden. Start is at 14:00 clock, end around 17:30 clock. The program for the event, see page 3.

It offers an interesting event – we look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours,

WALA remedies GmbH
event Management

Cornelia Zeltner-Haustein


We were right on time, but trying to walk to this building from the main was way farther down than we realized. After jumping back in the car, we found it and were only 10 minutes late. Which Germans hate, but I wasn’t about to come all this way and miss my tour, strictly only spoken in German!

Cornelia was great, she added in a few bits of English along the way during the garden tour. I’m sure she saw we were trying really hard to understand and she tried her best to include us. We participated with a group of nurses learning about Hauschka and later on how to do the arm and leg treatment for patient care. How amazing would it be if our medical system did this?


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The WALA medicinal herb garden

The medicinal plant garden was started by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka in the 1950s. WALA gradually purchased more land and extended the garden to its present area which totals 4.5 hectares. In addition, WALA has been practising biodynamic agriculture on the Sonnenhof farm in Bad Boll for 20 or more years. We briefly visited this farm down the road as well, where Medicinal plants are also grown. Plants grown on their more distant sites include witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), sage (Salvia officinalis) and wormwood (Artemisia absinthium).

Apart from the plants, many animals live in the garden. They are very proud of the beekeeping and currently have 17 colonies which have become an established element of the garden. When choosing the plants for the outside areas and meadows they are careful to provide the bees with a rich variety of nectar and pollen throughout the season. It is also important to them that wild bees and other insects such as beetles and butterflies colonise the garden. The pond is home to various dragonfly species, grass snakes, toads and frogs. They also have a large and varied bird population in the garden. Many different worlds come together here – plants, birds and insects. Variety is the spice of life; a lack of variety is deadly dull.

They strive for a closed system of materials. Rarely buying seed, substrates or fertilizers. Wala only use their own compost and potting compost and virtually all seed is their own. Wala prepares all their own soils and substrates. The compost is the heart of the garden. Tending to it and knowing exactly what is in it. Nurseries used to employ skilled compost makers, who could determine which composts were good and which needed working on just by feel and smell. Composts need much care and are a lot of work. We saw so many compost heaps while we visited the gardens, understandably when soil health is the main focus.

All work in the garden is almost exclusively manual, because a machine can’t be made to adapt to the need of the plants. Manual labour means that human beings, rather than machines, determine the pace. They believe it is especially important to do the harvesting only by hand. Of course they do use tractors for transportation and motorized mowers.

I chatted with Cornelia after our impressive garden tour and asked if there was anyway to skip the demo later on, as I already practice the treatments, and possibly see the Wala building? She responded with great enthusiasm that after the video she would collect us and take us on a private tour done in English! They only do one or two English tours a year for the garden, but never of the building. This was a great honour to be showed around further.

We were unable to take photos of the facility and some of the areas visited we were unable to view, because of sanitation issues, e.g. the laboratories and filling room.

All through the buildings there was amazing art, mostly depicting Rudolf Steiner beliefs on An Anthroposophical summary: “Keeping Track of the Planets”. For Rudolf Hauschka, founder of WALA, the encounter with Rudolf Steiner was positively crucial. Steiner’s suggestion to study rhythmic processes steered him through his research and development work, leading finally to the founding of WALA, 78 years ago. Some of the philosophies I still don’t really understand, when you get deeper past the biodynamic gardening, it gets a little spiritual. Steiner talks a lot about the 6 planets and how it effects us and even our gardening practices. Also each planet corresponds to a colour and a plant.

If human beings did not have the powers of Mercury in them all the time they would not be able to digest … Venus lives in our blood. Everything that has to do with blood in us comes from the powers of Venus … The powers of the sun are above all active in the human heart … Mars is connected with everything to do with speech and everything we have by way of breathing organs … Jupiter has to do with our brain, really our sense organs, our brain with the sense organs … Saturn has to do with our organs of thinking ..


Rudolf Steiner conceived the Planetary Seals in 1907. They express the creative forces which lead to the cosmic evolution of the human being, from Old Saturn through Old Sun, Old Moon, Mars and Mercury to Jupiter and Venus. These Stages are everywhere through the building, in many colours and from paintings to sculptures. Really beautiful, but I still don’t fully understand the connection with the garden.


About WALA

Today, more than 700 people are employed at WALA Heilmittel GmbH. They are distributed throughout five company buildings in two locations in Bad Boll/Eckwälden , including some 580 employees at Location 1 (Dorfstrasse 1 and 3, Badstrasse 62) and 160 employees at Location 2 (Bosslerweg 2 and Rossauchtert 2 and 4).

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The building at Dorfstrasse 1, (where we mainly visited) houses a large share of the manufacturing facilities in addition to the Development, Purchasing, Marketing, Graphics, Shipping and Administration departments. Dorfstrasse 3 is home to the analytical control laboratory, where all incoming ingredients and finished WALA preparations undergo microbiological examination and purity and identity tests via thin-layer chromatography or quantitative analysis, e.g. using HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography).

The Pharmaceutical Medicine, Clinical Research, Medicinal Registration and Finance departments are all located under one roof at Badstrasse 62. Certain divisions of Manufacturing, Public Relations, Skin Care Consultant Team, International Sales and Customer Service are located at Bosslerweg 2. Located behind this building is WALA’s own Demeter-certified medicinal herb garden, (where we started), lovingly tended to in accordance with biodynamic principles. Dr.Hauschka Estheticians undertake occupational training and continuing education in the two buildings at Rossauchtert, which were converted specifically for this purpose.

WALA Heilmittel GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes anthroposophic homeopathic remedies (WALA Medicines), natural special care products designed to meet specific needs (Dr.Hauschka Med), and natural cosmetics (Dr.Hauschka Skin Care).

All of the products are growing in popularity around the world, leading to steady sales growth in the past years.

WALA Medicines are distributed via pharmacies. Dr.Hauschka products are available from authorised retailers, including natural food stores, natural beauty shops, department stores, perfume stores, pharmacies and Dr.Hauschka Estheticians.

A video of our visit!

In this video when the music drops a little bit, listen to all the birds and nature in the background! You can’t hear it very well, but being there it was so alive! Simply amazing.

Food at WALA: fresh, organic products every day

The food is what I found very interesting, since I love good food, seeing the cafeteria at WALA was one of my highlights. It’s the most amazing room, all glass, and a view that would make you never want to leave.

Needless to say, WALA’s commitment to the environment is also central to its food and beverage services. By giving preference to local products, they help to boost the regional economy and promote agriculture in the area. At the same time, this helps to reduce shipping costs and packaging waste. As well as this, they know their suppliers and the high quality of their products, while the food received is perfectly fresh.

In purchasing products, they follow fair trade guidelines by establishing long-term business relationships according to fair, agreed-upon criteria. Paying higher prices improves the quality of life for people in the agricultural regions of poorer countries. 75% of the items on our menu are of Demeter or organic quality; numerous other products including tea, coffee, apple juice, granola, bread, biscuits, yogurt, milk and the salad bar are 100% organic. My understanding was it’s free for all staff as long as it’s local and organic, it’s only the bad stuff like pop you have to pay for.

Wala sets great store by natural cultivation with crop rotation and organic fertilisation. They are also concerned with keeping, breeding and feeding animals the natural way. Accordingly, all meat comes from the Schwäbisch-Hall Farmer Producer Association which, with the aid of local breeds, produces healthy food for local consumers with due respect for nature and livestock. They only serve fish from sustainable fisheries, chosen based on the recommendations of environmental associations.

The caterer that provides the lunches has been certified by an independent certification body for organic food. Naturally, they make a point of serving not only regional but also seasonal food. After all, fruit and vegetables harvested at their peak are fresher, richer in vitamins and simply taste better.

WALA headquarters

30 Day Spring Skin Fitness and Detox Challenge


Welcome to your 30 Days of Spring Skin Fitness & Detox for a healthy, radiant skin! 

We’re starting today on the 20th of March, Spring Vernal Equinox and celebrating completion on 20th April 2014, pop the dates into your calendar.

What you will need: Dr. Hauschka products (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) for your daily rituals plus Facial Steam Bath or any Hauschka Bath, Cleansing Clay Mask and the Cream Mask most suited for your skin, if you’re not sure check with me.  Rhythmic Night Conditioner, or if you have sensitive skin then Rhythmic Conditioner Sensitive.  I also find our Cleansing Sponge perfect for easily removing Cleansing Clay Mask.

We’re going to be asking you to complete one night a week each week the following:

1) Facial Steam Bath or Hauschka Bath
2) Cleansing Clay Mask
3) Cream Mask

On another night of the week, cleanse early in the evening, then apply your chosen Cream Mask.

I find it’s helpful to choose a particular night of the week, for me it’s Sunday night for the Facial Steam, Cleansing Clay Mask and Cream Mask and Wednesday or Thursday night for application of Cream Mask.

Day 1

1) Drink warm water and lemon juice first thing upon waking in the morning and do this every morning.

If it’s going to be easier then juice a pile of lemons, put the juice in ice blocks and freeze.  Take one block out each night and place in a cup, so you’re ready for the morning.  We need to make this habit nice and easy.


FOOD FACT: start each morning with a warm glass of lemon juice in warm water: aids the body in flushing out toxins, jump starts the digestive tract, aids the liver in its cleansing processes and increases detoxification.

2) ‘Compress and Hydrate’ skin to soften the pores in readiness for cleansing.  Use 5 drops of Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence in your basin water.

Check out our Compress & Hydrate + Press & Roll video

3) Cleansing Cream – ‘press & roll’ technique.

Scrub the bathroom but never ever scrub your skin, way too harsh, it has to last you a lifetime.


4) Toner – close eyes and mist onto the skin, 3 pumps should do.

5) Day Care – should always be warmed between the palms of the hands and applied to skin still moist from Toner. This ensures even and economical application.

Normalising Day Oil – for oily/blemished skin
Melissa Day Cream – for sensitive combination skin
Rose Day Cream Light – for normal or sensitive skin, usually recommended for a younger skin, up to around 35.
Quince Day Cream – for normal skin or sensitive skin
Rose Day Cream – for normal, dry, sensitive, mature skin
Toned Day Cream – tinted moisturiser for normal, dry, sensitive or mature skin
Moisturising Day Cream – for normal, dry, mature/pallid skin
Regenerating Serum & Regenerating Day Cream – specific support for firming a maturing skin


1) ‘Compress and Hydrate’ skin to soften the pores in readiness for cleansing.  Use 5 drops of Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence in the water.  If you feel you need something a little more relaxing in readiness for bedtime, you may prefer to use Moor Lavender Bath Essence instead of the Lemon Lemongrass Bath Essence.
2) Cleansing Milk
3) Facial Steam Bath or do a compress with Lemon, Lavender or Sage bath.
4) Cleansing Clay Mask
5) Cream Mask (Rejuvenating, Moisturising, Firming or Soothing Mask)
6) Rhythmic Conditioner – we’ll be using one ampoule per evening for 30 evenings.


Step by step how to do a Facial Steam, Cleansing Clay Mask and Cream Mask for Day 1 which will be repeated weekly during the programme:

1. Compress and hydrate your skin, cleanse with Cleansing Milk, remove with the warm, moist Dr. Hauschka Compress Cloth or Face Cloth.
2. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of Cleansing Clay Mask in a small container in readiness.
3. Dilute two teaspoons of Facial Steam Bath with ½ litre (500ml) of steaming water in a large bowl. Lean over the bowl, covering the head with towel, and steam for 5-10 minutes. Follow with Cleansing Clay Mask.

Note:  If you don’t wish to steam, then you may do this step with Facial Steam Bath or Bath Oils and ‘Compress and Hydrate’ instead.

4. While your skin is still warm and moist mix 2 to 2 1/2 teaspoons of water (I use the Facial Steam Bath water) to the Cleansing Clay Mask in the small container. The consistency you want is spreadable, not too thin because it will drip off your face and not too pasty.
5. Apply mask to your face and neck excluding eye contour area ideally with a mask brush, even a pastry brush would do at a push, otherwise your fingers. Apply from the centre of the face outwards. We always work in the direction of lymph flow.  Allow to dry, it’s no longer active once dry.

Tip: Watch where the mask dries first. That’s a good indication that particular area of your face is dehydrated.  Are you missing that area with your Day Care?  Do you need a richer Day Care product?

6. To remove, I find using the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Sponge the easiest, but a non white face flannel will do, moistened with the now lukewarm facial steam water. Remove easily by damping down the mask first, then wiping.
7. Now apply your Cream Mask (Rejuvenating, Moisturising, Firming or Soothing Mask) including the eye contour area, as an eye mask.
8. Leave on for at least 20 to 30 minutes to absorb.  I leave mine on for most of the evening. Remove Cream Mask with a warm moist Compress Cloth before bedtime.
9. Apply the contents of a Rhythmic Conditioner Ampoule. If you are new to Rhythmic Conditioner Ampoules, flick the top to ensure all liquid is in the bottom of the ampoule, then using a towel break off the glass top. Pour 1/2 the contents into the palm of one hand, spread between the palms of the hands and quickly press into the skin and repeat with the balance of the liquid.  Apply nothing further to your skin. It’s bedtime.

Note: We do not recommend any heat for a rosacea skin condition – use tepid water for a Compress & Hydrate instead.


Using Facial Steam Bath and Cleansing Clay Mask

Day 2

Your skin will be feeling more smooth, moisturised and deep cleansed after your great efforts yesterday.

1) Drink your warm water and lemon juice first thing.
2) Compress & Hydrate, Cleansing Cream
3) Toner
4) Day Care

1) Compress & Hydrate, Cleansing Milk
2) Rhythmic Conditioner Ampoule
Apply nothing further to your skin


Day 3
Repeat Day 2

Day 4
Morning ritual: same as Day 2.
Evening ritual: cleanse early in the evening then apply your Cream Mask including eye contour area, remove with warm, moist Compress Cloth just prior to bedtime.
Apply Rhythmic Conditioner ampoule then leap into bed with a good book.

Day 5
Repeat Day 2

Day 6
Repeat Day 2

Day 7
Repeat Day 1

This is your weekly routine, so repeat until you reach your 30th evening. By which time your skin will be deep cleansed, nourished, more even toned, soft and radiant.


Great skin care is about using the best possible natural and organic products you can find, which is Dr. Hauschka!  Eat fresh, nutritious food and drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Get 8 hours sleep and put measures in place if you’re stressed – a state of relaxation, happiness and laughter is good for your skin! I can’t function without 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning so that remains for me, even when I’m doing my 30 Day Programme.  A 30 minute daily walk in the fresh air is good for your body and your soul, in nature if you can.

You just can’t expect great skin if you eat fast food and drink fizzy drinks.  I’m not a fan of any convenience foods which are more like science than food, including overly processed over priced breakfast cereals.  Here’s my favourite breakfast I prepare every few weeks.

Easy Grain Free Granola


Instead of oats, it uses a variety of ground nuts.  Soaking the nuts overnight makes them easier to digest, and drying them at really low heat preserves the valuable nutrients they provide. 

This granola tastes delicious sprinkled over yogurt with fresh fruit, or with a little almond milk.


  • 1 cup raw pecans
  • 1 cup raw hazelnuts
  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 1 cup raw walnuts
  • ½ or 1 cup raw sunflower seeds
  • 2-3 tablespoon golden flax seeds (omit for SCD)
  • 1 egg white *
  • 2-4 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup honey, melted
  • 1-1/2 tablespoons vanilla
  • 3/4 teaspoon sea salt (plus 1 teaspoon for soaking water)
  • 1 cup shredded coconut, unsweetened
  • 1 cup raisins or cranberries

*I no longer use the egg white in this recipe and it remains just as crunchy


  1. Soak all of the nuts in enough water to cover them and mix in 1 teaspoon of salt. Cover, and soak during the day, changing out the water one time if you want.
  2. Drain the nuts and seeds and place on a paper towel to absorb the remaining water, if you want or just drain well.
  3. Place all of the nuts and seeds out onto one or two parchment covered dehydrator trays or cookie sheets. Spread it evenly into a thin layer. Roughly chop them until they resemble the size of large oats.
  4. In a small bowl add in the egg white, coconut oil, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, sea salt. Mix until combined.
  5. Next, add the flax seeds and Coconut to the roughly chopped nuts and mixed into the nut mixture.
  6. Put in oven on lowest setting, usually 170 degrees over night. 8 to 12 hours.
  7. Or Dehydrate on 120 degrees for 24 hours, turning twice. The granola may feel a little sticky and wet when you first remove it, but will crisp up after cooling.
  8. Stir in the dried fruit, then let cool completely before storing in an airtight container for 2-3 weeks.

Dehydrating is the preferred method for making this granola, but baking it for the shorter time in your oven at its lowest setting will create the same effect, or until completely dried and free of all moisture.



Parts of detox taken from Hauschka Australia


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